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We have a flawless reputation due to our commitment to customer service! Joining the Council's Drug Free Workplace program will save you money by reducing your workers' compensation insurance premium, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. How much will a drug-free workplace cost me? The nominal costs of establishing a drug free workplace program should always be weighed against the high risks of not having a program in place. For many employers, one serious accident, one major financial problem, one breach of confidentiality or one troubled employee can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and even jeopardize a company's financial future. The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was established in 1969, has been assisting companies with implementing and maintaining cost-effective drug free workplace programs since 1993. Many states offer a mandatory discount on workers' compensation insurance premiums for companies that achieve state certification as a drug free workplace. In addition, many insurers offer voluntary discounts to their clients who implement a drug free workplace program. For further information:

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For a free drug free workplace poster, and/or a free employee and supervisor training DVD email your request to swade@remove-thislivedrugfree.org.

For information on how to lobby your state legislature to provide a discount on workers comp insurance for state certified drug free workplaces, or to increase the discount in your state, email: swade@remove-thislivedrugfree.org.

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