Prevention / Intervention Staff

Kay Manning, LCSW, MAC, ICPS
Director of Prevention/Intervention
(770) 725-1837

Afiya King, MPH, MCHES, ICPS
Associate Director of Prevention/Intervention
Project Director, Atlanta-DeKalb Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative
(404) 223-2487

Ester López, MPS, ICPS
Assistant Director of Prevention/Intervention
Project Director, Voices for Prevention (V4P)
(678) 403-8946

John M. Bringuel, MA, ICPS
Project Director
Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative
(404) 223-2484

Harry Stevenson, ICPS
Project Director
Southeast Georgia Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project
(912) 423-1355

Dr. Tonya H. Knox, MPH, CHES, ICPS
Project Coordinator for Athens-Clarke County Drug Free Communities
(678) 590-0095

Kayla D. Page, MA
Project Director
Suicide Prevention Initiative
(706) 435-7982

Tara S. Combs, MS
Project Director
SPF Suicide Prevention - Region 6
(706) 872-9919

TaKoya T. Garrett, MPA, CP
Project Director
North Georgia Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project
(404) 223-3369

Leah A. Raiford
Project Coordinator for Barrow County
Drug Free Communities
(770) 990-5957

Shannon O. Lawson
Project Director
Georgia GEN Rx Initiative - Region 6
(706) 302-2556

Hillarie K. Wise, MPA
Project Manager
(404) 223-2482

NaKia S. Cross
Project Manager
Atlanta-DeKalb Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project
(404) 223-2490

Rita J. Wolf
Assistant Project Manager
Northeast Georgia PIPP
(678) 416-8504

Schalappria A. Nobles
Assistant Project Manager
Southeast Georgia PIPP
(912) 246-3748

Maurice "Mitch" Mitchell
Part Time SUPER Stop! Facilitator

Glenda M. Shivers
Part Time Adult Advisor
PAST Project

Shalonda J. Stinson
Part-time Adult Advisor
PAST Project

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