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Five easy steps to becoming a Certified Drug Free Workplace in Florida and receiving the state mandated 5% discount on workers compensation insurance:

Scroll down for five easy steps to becoming a Certified Drug Free Workplace and qualifying for the state mandated 5% discount on workers compensation insurance. Your drug free workplace program must meet all requirements of Florida law and be certified by your insurer.  Upon approval by your insurer you will receive the 5% discount on workers’ compensation insurance. We have helped more than 9,044 companies achieve certification as a drug free workplace and we 100% guarantee your certification or your money back. Together we can make a difference in the fight against drug abuse in our nation.                                

If your organization is already certified, we will help you maintain compliance and re-certify each year.



Your $165 drug free workplace membership will meet all certification and re-certification requirements of Florida law and includes monthly employee drug education training newsletters.  Membership includes:

  • One-year subscription to the English version “Drug-Free@Workplace” employee training newsletter. This monthly newsletter provides required annual employee drug education/awareness without incurring loss of payroll and productivity while employees stop work to attend training.
  • Free Supervisor Training videotapes or DVDs. Provides required annual supervisor training.
  • A list of treatment and counseling centers in your area.
  • Annual reminder to renew your certification. So you don’t lose your 5% discount. 
  • Fill-in-the-blanks substance abuse policy. Meets all requirements of Florida law. 
  • Drug Free Workplace poster, window and door stickers. Required by law. 
  • Free legal updates on policy changes. Avoid legal liability! 
  • Suicide prevention education
  • Discounted rate for iCup® drug or alcohol test kits: urine based tests. Highest quality, most accurate tests available.
  • Free online training and certification as an onsite drug testing collector. Add "drug testing expert" to your résumé!
  • Free drug free workplace consultation from our nationwide drug free workplace experts. 
  • Assistance in completing Application for Certification along with step-by-step guide and instruction sheet. 
  • Free Drug Free Workplace stickers for hard hats, vehicles, etc.  Show state inspectors you are in compliance.

One-year membership including all of the above and the monthly employee newsletter in English for $165. If you wish to add the employee newsletter in Spanish, it is an additional $55. If you wish to add the supervisor newsletter, it is an additional $120.

Safe Driver Policy, Driver Acknowledgement Form, Violence Prevention Policy & Procedures Manual, and Violence Prevention Policy available free upon request.

Implementing Your Drug Free Workplace Program

 The 5% state-mandated discount on workers comp insurance results in an annual savings of several thousand dollars for most companies and organizations, and your membership helps our 501(c)3 nonprofit agency prevent drug abuse among children.

Join the Council's Drug-Free Workplace program and receive all the benefits of membership.

Please note: We also offer Supervisor Training newsletters and Spanish Employee version newsletters for a small additional fee. These monthly newsletters are the most cost-effective way to meet your drug-free workplace training requirements. In-person presentations and videotape training require that employees stop work to attend training resulting in loss of payroll and loss of productivity. Monthly newsletters solve this problem and save your company thousands of training dollars.

Step 1: SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY (Approx. time required: 10 minutes)

Your company must have an updated substance abuse policy in place that meets all requirements of Florida law. 

We email you a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ policy in English and Spanish. Simply print the policy on company letterhead and hand it out to all employees. If you have any questions regarding the substance abuse policy, we have drug free workplace experts who will answer your questions at no charge. Sample letters and forms are included in the policy. These should also be printed on company letterhead. 

Step 2: TWO HOURS OF SUPERVISOR TRAINING (Avoid legal liability, provide training for your supervisors!)

You should conduct the first hour of supervisor training prior to applying for your drug free workplace certificate. The first hour of supervisor training should include a discussion of how to enforce the new company substance abuse policy along with viewing one of our free supervisor training videos or DVDs. We will assist you in selecting an appropriate video or DVD for supervisor training. The second hour of supervisor training can be conducted within 6 months. The second hour of supervisor training may be completed by selecting another video/DVD from our video library list, or by subscribing to our Supervisor Training newsletters. Download a sample supervisor newsletter. 


You should conduct employee drug education during each year of certification. Our monthly Employee Education newsletter is the most cost-effective means of conducting this training and is included in your membership fee. Distributing the newsletter to employees once a month provides a total of two hours of employee drug education. The Employee Education newsletters are emailed to you on a monthly basis. We suggest they be attached to your employees' paychecks, but how you distribute them is up to you. Drug education is appropriate and critically important to an employer’s overall efforts to prevent drug abuse in the workplace and protect workers. Drug education received at work can be taken home and shared with the employees' children to help keep them drug and alcohol free. Download a sample Employee Education newsletter (also available in Spanish). Research has shown that information, education, and training that are provided and reinforced in the workplace itself rather than in an offsite classroom has a deeper impact on workplace attitudes and behaviors. Information that is presented through the workplace in smaller amounts, over longer periods, and frequently reinforced is often understood better and more motivating than one-time-only trainings or meetings.

The newsletters are the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide annual employee drug education and training.

Step 4: Drug Testing.

The Council offers a variety of drug testing solutions for small to medium sized businesses -- from instant result devices to site collection devices with lab confirmation, as well as many turn-key fixed-facility options. Not sure which solution is best for your company? Drug testing options can be reviewed at: https://drugfreeworkplacestore.com/drug-test-kits/

Contact one of our knowledgeable testing experts today to discuss your state specific requirements.

Please call our Testing Experts at (404) 223-2481 for more information.


Certified drug-free workplaces in Florida must provide either an EAP (Employee Assistance Program), or a resource list of treatment and counseling centers in their area.

Many health insurance plans include an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). If your company health insurance plan does not include EAP, or if your company does not offer health insurance for employees, we will provide you with an updated list of treatment and counseling centers in your area.

After completing the aforementioned five steps, we will assist you in applying or reapplying for certification.


(1) the dangers of substance abuse, especially the abuse of illicit drugs; (2) the impact of such abuse on the workplace; (3) the most appropriate, effective and legally accepted means for employers to address their substance abuse in the workplace problems; (4) the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees; (5) the status of legislative, regulatory and legal developments at the state level, and; (6) the very legitimate and necessary - role of employers in our national effort to prevent drug abuse.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs recognizes the threat of drug abuse in the workplace. Among other consequences, drug and alcohol abuse decreases productivity and increases accidents, absenteeism, product defects, medical and insurance costs, and employee theft. Employers and employees have a large stake and legitimate role to play in the "war on drugs." Click on the Join Now button below to become a member of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs' Drug Free Workplace Program and qualify for the state mandated 5% discount on your workers' compensation insurance premiums. Your membership helps our 501(c)3 nonprofit agency, established in 1969, to prevent drug abuse among children.

Florida Law, Sec 440.102(15) states as follows: STATE CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS.

Each construction contractor regulated under part I of chapter 489, and each electrical contractor and alarm system contractor regulated under part II of chapter 489, who contracts to perform construction work under a state contract for educational facilities governed by chapter 1013, for public property or publicly owned buildings governed by chapter 255, or for state correctional facilities governed by chapter 944 shall implement a drug-free workplace program under this section.” Testing also includes employers of school bus drivers. 

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