Dear Workers Comp Insurance Agent,

Many states offer state-mandated discounts on workers’ compensation insurance for companies certified as a drug-free workplace.  Have you made your clients aware of these state-mandated discounts? 

  • Do you want to assist your clients in achieving state certification as a drug free workplace and qualifying for the state mandated discount on workers comp insurance?
  • Assisting clients with drug free certification is an excellent sales, marketing and client retention tool. Don’t lose your clients to agents who are offering this service!
  • Do you need assistance in helping your clients meet the state requirements for drug free certification?

Let The Council on Alcohol and Drugs help you.

Our 50 year-old nonprofit agency has been assisting companies with their drug free workplace certification since 1993.  We have helped more than 9,044 companies achieve state certification and qualify for the state mandated workers’ comp discountFor an annual membership fee of $165, we provide everything a company needs to achieve and maintain state certification, and we 100% guarantee certification or we will refund every penny.  We discount our membership fee from $165 to $140 for the clients of our insurance agent partners.

This is how it works:

We will put your company’s logo on our membership application and send you as many as you need.  Simply refer your client to us by having them complete the membership application and we will take care of the rest.  This makes it simple and easy for you to offer assistance to your clients in achieving state certification and qualifying for the state mandated discount.  We pride ourselves on our customer service; our membership retention rate is over 90%!  PLUS, The Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we use membership dues to help fund our drug prevention programs for children.

Contact us today.

Please call (404) 223-2486 or email me at for more info. We have testimonials available from more than 60 of our insurance agency partners.

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