What Everyone Needs to Know About Marijuana

Please click on the following links to learn about what everyone needs to know about marijuana:

Various recent publications and research reports on marijuana from the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the National Institute for Drug Abuse, states there is objective evidence to show marijuana is harmful to the adolescent brain:

Let’s Be Clear Georgia: A Collaborative to Prevent Marijuana Abuse Fact Sheet

The Georgia Marijuana Abuse Prevention Initiative Fact Sheet

The Marijuana Mantra - a brochure to prevent Marijuana use featuring three talking points that almost anyone would find it hard to disagree with.

"Marijuana Facts and Myths", a power point by Dr. Susan Blank, President of the Georgia Society of Addiction Medicine, shown at the 2014 Georgia School

Article in CADCA’s July, 2014 e-newsletter:

Coalitions in Action: Georgia Launches New Initiative to Help Citizens Learn the Science on Marijuana Use

A toolkit for parents:


Facts for teens:


Facts for everyone:


Is Marijuana Medicine?


The latest news and information for professionals and volunteers:


Information about Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana):


Information about marijuana from the Drug Free America Foundation:


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