Random Pool Management

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs offers employers a simple and cost-effective way to manage the company’s random drug testing selection process. The Council acts as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the member company in regards to the random testing selection process. Each selection is made based on the average number of positions in the pool using a scientifically valid computerized random selection process in which each covered individual has an equal probability of selection.

Each company customizes the random program to meet their business needs:

  • Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly
  • Rate: Percentage or Fixed Amount
  • Selection: Drug Screening

Why is random testing so important?

Random testing serves as a true deterrent in any drug free workplace program. Knowing a test is possible will discourage light users from indulging and forces heavy users to change jobs or change their habits! Random drug testing can easily be budgeted and offers a tremendous return on investment.

Starting your Random Pool Management is easy:

Step 1: Click Drug Free Workplace Registration Join Now to create a user name and password (be sure to write this down)

Step 2: Click Members Only Login to access portal with your new user name and password

Step 3: Select Purchase and make your selection for Random Pool Management ($99.00/year) and submit payment information. Price reflects quarterly selections.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation call from a Testing Specialist who will confirm your employee roster, participation agreement and answer any questions that arise.

Step 5: Watch your email for roster verifications and selection reports.

If you need additional assistance, please contact ktinker@remove-thislivedrugfree.org or (404) 223-2481.

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