Thank you so much for the training session yesterday.  We all learned a lot and we appreciate your time and the effort you made to reach out to and provide training for us.  That’s some scary stuff for sure but certainly information we need to know.  Glad you’re on our team and thanks for your support.

Captain Jane Nichols
Assistant Chief
Statham Police Department


Thank you so much again for presenting at our first Human Resources Council meeting! Everyone received great information from you and enjoyed the discussion and education. Have a great day!

Best Regards,
Marianne Wood
Executive Director
Polk County Chamber of Commerce



Thank you for presenting “Working Drug Free in Georgia” to our small businesses this morning.   We had so many positive comments.  
The Greater Hall Chamber is proud to be  a part of the Drugs Don’t Work program for many years.

I am sorry I could not attend the program this morning.  We want to spread the word to businesses about the Workman’s Compensation
and our newsletters.

We appreciate all you do for us and the State of Georgia.


Kit Dunlap
President & CEO


We appreciate you all so much.

Please let Chuck and Karen know how much we appreciate them for providing information for each of our “106” classes we have held since 2014.  That’s touching a lot of lives!

Thank you!!!
Vice President
Construction Ready

Hi Karen, good morning! I hope you had a good weekend. Last Friday, we received a really lovely note from an attendee and I wanted to pass it your way:

Happy Friday!
Thank you for offering this course.
Unfortunately I have experienced first hand from my family member. I still think about the signs that I did not realize or acknowledge. ☹
The session last Friday was so helpful! I feel so much better as a source to help prevent this from happening to another soul.
I plan on looking up local Suicide Prevention app for Burbank/ LA area and will add to my son(15yr old, who just started attending in person HS) and my phone to be ready to offer support.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for offering this session to employees!

Thank you again for your help in facilitating these sessions!

Wei Wei


Thank you so much for presenting in our meeting today.  It was very insightful and informative.  It actually made me aware of some things I need to tighten up on in my role as the HR Director.  I also had a couple of staff members express an interest in the Suicide prevention training you mentioned.  I would love to hear more about it when you have a chance.

Thanks again,

Liz, you are AWESOME.  I was about to call to request the past letters.
Thank you guys for all you do.  You all “make a difference” in people’s lives.
Will you please tell Staci that I said hello
Thanks again.
Miriam Williams
Director of Human Resources
Interim Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc.

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for a great training session today. It was very informative and provided great resources for our team.

Savannah Lasecki
Business Operations Associate
United Renewable Energy, LLC

Thank you so much for the training session Wednesday. It was very informative, and it was great to hear more details about the program than the overview Chuck gave us a couple of weeks ago. I really appreciate the time and effort you took with us.
Have a great weekend!

Stay safe. Stay well.

Cindy Rivers McGraw                             
Executive Director
Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce

Thank you, Liz.  We have been members ever since I started in 2004, so likely a few years before that.  When COVID hit, our employee drivers/aides were furloughed, and it didn’t make sense at that moment to renew.  
We like the designation as a Drug Free Workplace and the fact that we can positively educate our employees with a 3rd party.  It ads credibility to our message and I believe emphasizes the importance of staying drug free as an employee.  Thanks again.

Greg DeLancey
General Manager
Taylor Motors Inc.
Jefferson Tours and Charters

Thank you very much, Chuck.

Lisa and I learned exactly what we were looking for in dealing with reasonable suspicion and appreciate your knowledge and passion.

Stay Well,

Darcy Hodges
Personnel Development
Benning Construction Company

Chuck, congrats on your work anniversary!

Congrats on your work anniversary! From an old friend in Woodstock Ga, who appreciates the program, Drugs Don't Work you administer and the effects you've caused on Businesses in Ga. I had metal working shops with a ridiculous amount of Workers Comp claims, until they got on your program, Drugs Don't Work....and the safety increased so much, the claims went to zero !!! Thanks, God bless You for the difference your life has made in this and the reduction in co's Workers Comp costs !!!

Larry Eubanks
Insurance Agent

Good morning Ms. Wilson,

I hope you are having a great day so far.

I would like to request some Drug Free Workplace mini-posters, hard hat-stickers, and window stickers so I may update our old ones.

Thank you so much and we cherish our membership and wanted you to know how helpful the resources are in so many ways.

Kathy Montesi
President & Human Resources
Any Pest

Good morning,

I would like to get the Reasonable Suspicion Checklist, Supervisor Form.   Your three-part series is fantastic!

Thank you,

Margaret Riffel
WayPoint Systems, Inc.

Hi Karen,

I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for participating in our training on this past Monday.  I’ve received a number of positive responses from the employee surveys about your presentation.  Employees really enjoyed your approach in the way you presented the topic.  I personally learned several things about the random drug screening process and have had subsequent conversations about our internal process.

Daphanie Harris
HR Manager, SHRM-CP
Coastal Electric Cooperative

Thank you so much, Karen!  

I attended the event both in Orlando and here in Atlanta.  It is amazing the meat that was presented yesterday that really spoke to the real-life application of the Clearinghouse.  I am glad I attended the Atlanta event because the speakers offered valuable information that strengthened my understanding of the complexities involved with the actual process from different perspectives.  

Thank you so much for being an integral part of the education process.  It makes changes like this less scary and more approachable.  

Thank you!

Melissa Foiles
Director of Privacy and Compliance


We thank you for all that is done in our community through your organization.    We appreciate the newsletters and the resources that are available to us on the website.  

Thanks so much!!

Sonja Pate
Administrative Manager
Pateco Services, LLC

Hello Karen,

I wanted to say “Thank You Very Much” for taking the time out of your schedule to come and speak at the Coweta County Safety Alliance Meeting.

I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.

Have a great rest of the week and forthcoming Holiday season.

Thank you,

Jeffrey E Johnson
Safety Coordinator
Kason Industries, Inc.


Thank you for taking the time to teach us the benefits and best practices regarding DFW and Suicide Prevention.  Please send over the information discussed so that we can begin registering as a DFW with the state.  Thanks again

Thank you Karen!
I appreciate all that you do for us.
You make it so easy and seamless.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Thank you,
Diana Roberts
AMCON Industrial
Ms. Tinker

Thank you very much for giving us training this afternoon.
It was very educational, informative and interesting.
I believe all our employees enjoyed and learned a lot.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Hanako Iida
Yuhara MFG. USA, Inc.
Dear Mrs. Tinker:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for speaking at the 2018 Georgia Mining Association and Georgia Construction Aggregate Association Safety Alliance Workshop. Our 460 attendees were thrilled with your presentation and we enjoyed having you in our company the day that you spoke.

As part of our evaluations for our workshops, we ask our attendees to rate the speakers that we have as a part of our seminar.  I am pleased to let you know that you received 3.99 out of a 1-5 rating. That is wonderful for our tough crowd! Comments that we received included, "Excellent and Informative", "Very professional and helpful", "Brought a lot of awareness. Thank you.", and "Great topic and very knowledgeable".

Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation in the form of a donation. Again, we sincerely thank you for the excellent job that you did for us. You truly touched a number of miners here in Georgia.

Best Regards,

Lee R. Lemke, CAE
Executive Vice President
Georgia Mining Association

Jeff Wansley,
GCAA Executive Vice President
Georgia Construction Aggregate Association

Thanks Karen, I did hear some good feedback about your presentations. You brought up topics that they haven’t really touched before which was helpful.

Kaitlin Rosinski
Sr. Consultant – Total Rewards
Human Resources
Wilson Sporting Goods

Karen- Thank you so much for making the trek down to Sandersville today. I have heard nothing but great comments from attendees so your presentation was spot on !
I didn’t catch you in time but have a little something for you for coming down, I will give to you in August.
Again thank you so much and hope you had safe travels back- Katie
Katie Clark Moncus
Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to you and your team, Karen! I do appreciate you trekking out our way to speak to our fairly small group. The training was great, and everyone seemed to feel it was very worthwhile. Thanks for what you do and for making a difference in our communities.


Laura Templeton
Vice President of Operations
LW Scientific, Inc.
Good morning Karen,

Thank you for a very educational 2-days, including for me. Don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation to Georgia Electric Cooperative’s HR Spring Conference next year. I haven’t witnessed a safety meeting recently where a few linemen were not dozing off, though you had everyone’s attention. (No excuse but they have a 7 am session before our general session at 8 am so it’s tough for the outside guys.) Your presentation style was different the two days and the delivery on both were extremely effective.

Karen Garza
Senior Vice President of Corporate Services
Flint Energies

It has been a pleasure working with you on this flyer.  I want to sincerely thank you for your assistance and apologize for making it more of a simple task that it was truly intended.  However, we now have a complete flyer that provides important information and hopefully will lead to helping save someone's life.  Your work on this flyer could turn out to be more meaningful than you will ever know.

Sincerest Thanks!
Tony Black
Integrated Medical Solutions, LLC

Thank you for being "My Hero."  You and your team are outstanding people.  I know that you went beyond the call of duty to come to Jackson at the last minute to help me out of a bind.  I loved your presentation and it was new and fresh.  Your expertise and excellence is amazing.  May your endeavors in life overflow with goodness.


Pat Berry
Jackson Energy Authority

The training you provided yesterday was engaging, interactive and informative.  Our supervisors were receptive to your training approach of using statistics, compliance, personal stories, pictures, and actual examples of drug paraphernalia.  Your passion in the prevention & intervention was genuinely reflected in your presentation.  Thank you for partnering with us not only on certification for the Drug-Free Workplace Program but educating our supervisors on real world effects of substance & alcohol abuse.

Teresa Bruce
Heaton Erecting, Inc.
Thank you Karen! I enjoyed your recent presentation at the Gwinnett Chamber and gained more knowledge to help me handle the drug free workplace program more effectively. Thanks for what you do—Happy New Year to you, too! Deb

Deb Ulrich
Atlanta Flooring Design Centers
You are welcome. I still remember how helpful you were in getting our program off the ground. I appreciate all you do. Sometimes it is a grinding battle, however. Finding employees not impaired is a challenge these days. Additionally the recreational drug use laws being passed in the states are making things an even greater challenge. I am hopeful that our drug issues can continue to be managed, however, the challenges seem greater every day. I applaud all the Council does and look forward to future success for you and all businesses.

Doris I. Willmer PE, FACEC, LEED® AP
President/Principal Consultant
Willmer Engineering Inc.
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs has exceeded our expectations. They have helped our company with drug testing and becoming compliant. I wish I had found them years before. If you have any questions on the service, please feel free to give me a call!

Tara Garrison
Matthews Garage, Inc.

Thank you so much for your presentation this morning. I can’t tell you how much I personally appreciate your grasp and communication at an expert level of all things drug free….and not one person got on their cell phone!

Will you and the DFWP attorney assist me in developing some wording to send out to my DDW members and additionally to my area manufacturers? I’d like to send something out by 8/15 if possible. I’m thinking something short like…
So thanks again and I’m hopeful you can assist.

Shelley Davis
VP Existing Industry
Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for coming to Jackson, TN and provide training to our Supervisors on Substance Abuse. As you know Chuck came to us in January and talked with all of our employees on this subject and I contacted him for guidance regarding a speaker for our supervisors and he recommended you. His recommendation was all that I needed to be confident that the training would go well. Certainly, I was not disappointed. The message you delivered was perfect for these times. You continued to challenge the supervisors to be observant, remind them of their responsibility, and the cost to the organization if we do not.

Your interactive delivery method was perfect for our team because they typically just sit back and listen. The attendees knew from the start that they may be asked to participate. You captured the audience attention; they learned, and enjoyed the process.

Karen, your expertise was front and center and it was a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.


Pat Berry
Training and Development Coordinator
Jackson Energy Authority
HI Karen-  your group does good work……..we are glad to have you as a resource.

Have a good weekend!

Tom Oppold

Thank you for working with me and making the trip to Jackson, TN to speak to our team members.  Your message was so impactful and life changing.  I'm certain that I do not have adequate words to express the excellence of your presentation and the gratitude of my heart.  Compliance Training has been a consistent struggle for me.  Some of our employees are not excited about our yearly mandatory meetings.  Even though we've had some good speakers in the past, many employees think it's drudgery to attend.

Somehow, I knew that this year would be different.  I was filled with excitement and anticipation but did not really share that with others, kind of wanted it to sneak-up on them!  LOL!  Even though I knew your presentation would be great, since I'd heard some of it, I also knew it would be different being live with our audience.  When you began your talk it was so obvious that you were serious, committed and brilliant.  That trio was captivating and the audience was spellbound!  I've received so many compliments about you.  Time and time again we remind our folks not to do drugs, etc..., etc...  This time was different.  It hit home, made us pause and some are beginning their own crusade against drugs.  WOW!

It's been such a joy working with you and meeting you and I know that I'll keep in-touch and will probably be asking for advice and suggestions for our meeting next year.

May you continue this worthwhile work and see the fruits of our labor.


Pat Berry
Training and Development Coordinator
Jackson Energy Authority

You’re highly regarded around here.  I’m continuing to receive wonderful comments about your presentation.  Truly so grateful for you coming to talk with us. I’ve sent you a letter in the mail.  You mentioned your PowerPoint and I cannot find it on the web.  If you can, send me the link to the PowerPoint.  Our video techs are working on the taped recording and says the PowerPoint does not show well in the background, so they asked if I had it. Anyway, if you cannot provide it, not a problem.

Have a blessed year!

Pat Berry
Training and Development Coordinator
Jackson Energy Authority
Good Morning, Chuck

Thank you for the response and generosity of the DVD's.
As mentioned in my voice message, your presentation on Drugs Don't Work resonates with the audience. The audience response has been exceptionally good.

Thanks Alex

Alex Hunt, ARM
Senior Risk Management Specialist 
Key Risk
To whom it may concern:
We had Karen Tinker as a guest speaker to a manager training event in November. She was a phenomenal speaker and very well educated on the subject or drug use/abuse in the workplace and in general. I received numerous positive statements from attendees on how well done her presentation was and what a great help it would be to each of them in their management/supervisory roles. She did a great job of covering the subject manner and was impressive with her knowledge of abuse drugs in the workplace setting. We would recommend her and enjoy having her come back again! Thank you so much!!


Sherry Gragg, RN, BSN
Clinical Education Coordinator
Stephens County Hospital
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful training session. I really enjoyed learning about this so that we can provide this service and savings to businesses in our county. You explained everything very well and I appreciate you taking the time to come provide this training.
Kind regards,
Laura Leyland
Wheeler County Chamber of Commerce
Development Authority
Good morning Karen and Alex,

“Thank You” for the Alcohol and Drug Free presentation on Saturday. It was VERY informative and eye opening.

I have NO doubt that ALL what you shared will impact EWOE girl’s lives forever.

You were TRULY a blessing! ☺

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Delise Webb | Payroll Benefits & HR

On behalf of myself and the Macon Water Authority I would like to thank you for providing the Substance Abuse Training on August 13th and 14th. Everything went exceptionally well. I appreciate your training style technique, class interaction, and participation that was encouraged during your presentation.

I look forward to working with you for our next Substance Abuse Training. Take care!

Octavia Duncan
Training Officer

Below is a comment from the class the other day.  The individual went home talked with her husband who has a company in Ellijay, and today I am sending them a packet…it doesn’t matter to me that it was Ellijay instead of Blue Ridge….it matters, that it mattered to them.  But I wanted to share with you her comment.  Says a lot for you and for the program that you run.  Thanks again for all you do to help make us all safe.


“Thanks, Dianne.  I agree.  Everyone should hear Chuck’s presentation.  It really had me almost in tears over the state of our nation.  He is a great authentic spokesperson for the program.  This is such a need, I will be glad to help in any way I can.”

Dianne Mallernee
Director, Membership & Events
Fannin County Chamber of Commerce


I just wanted to take time to thank you for assisting me (HRWP) with our New Entrant Audit with USDOT in the last quarter of 2014. Unfortunately, our USDOT Audit was extremely cumbersome and exhausting with all the additional information requests that were requested. It is hard enough starting a new business without having the added burden of dealing with folks that are unprofessional in government positions. Had it not been for you (The Council on Alcohol and Drugs) going out of your way to assist HRWP with the additional information requests with USDOT, HRWP may still be in an "Out of Service" status. So...I wanted to take a moment to say a huge "Thank You" for all your help!!! I would highly recommend The Council on Alcohol and Drugs to both new and/or returning customers.
Thanks again and Happy New Year!!!!!

Ron E. Concoby
Hi Karen-

thank you so much for coming by yesterday and speaking to us about your services. We can tell you are a font of valuable information!

We are very interested and will be back in touch by mid-Nov at the latest to let you know what we have decided to do for our random drug testing for 2015...

Sandy Humbert, HR Generalist-Benefits
Piedmont National Corp.
U sent me one of Ur training DVD's at no cost. I was surprised at how interesting & insightful it was! I have viewed it twice & will probably view it again. So much helpful, practical, easy to hear information. I was blessed.

Rita Martin
Tri State Oil Reclaimers
I don't think anyone looked forward to sitting through a two-hour verbal presentation about Drug-free workplace. But I must say that I was not even aware of the time. The speaker was amazingly good to present for two hours and not bore anyone. The presentation was excellent. I and my staff enjoyed this learning and experience.


Pauline B. Abidde
Library Director
Dougherty County Public Library

I received your information in the mail and am very impressed. I do have a few questions for you. Do you know if Live Drug Free has an affiliate in Arizona? Do you know of any such program in Arizona? I have searched on line, made calls etc. I am not finding something comparable here. If you know of anything equivalent in Arizona, could you let me know? Thank you.

"Because...Safety Matters!"

Rick Stillion
Safety Matters, LLC
Good Morning Mr. Wade,

I attended the seminar yesterday for Supervisors & Department Heads for Habersham County. You spoke about how you & your wife did random drug testing on your children. Can you tell me how I would go about finding the kits to do this. Also you mentioned your children signed a contract at the age of 12, how would I go about finding something like that to use. Any information you have would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you for a great presentation yesterday! You truly brought out some things to me that I didn’t realize and I will definitely be talking to my children about drugs.

Amy M. Garmon
Hi Chuck,

Wanted to say thank you so much what a great program we can’t wait to incorporate it into our business. The Doc you sent, I can use that and just fill out the red areas? Do I owe you anything for this Doc.

Robyn Gutierrez
Ozone Billiards
Hey Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for your help this week. We became a Drug Free Workplace earlier this year and with your help, put in place a Substance Abuse Policy and implemented pre-employment drug testing. Just this week, we had a concern that one of our employees may have violated the policy. I’m so glad I thought to call you for some advice. You were able to point me to some forms on your website that we could use to ensure we stayed in compliance with the policy and were then able to act on our concern without imposing any undue liability on our company. I called you a few times as the issue was unfolding and you walked me through each step of it. At one point, you even offered to check with your legal counsel and reported your findings back to me. I certainly couldn’t have handled this issue with such confidence without your guidance. This reaffirms that our decision to join the DFWP program with the backing of the Council on Alcohol & Drugs was a wise one.

Thanks again for partnering with us.


Ellen Stortz, CEBS, SPHR
Smith Douglas Homes
Great job today, Karen! Your presentation was just what I needed to get my feet wet and I really learned a lot.


Pattie Smiley

Awesome! We enjoyed speaking to you as well and the information that you covered with us was very informative and we can’t wait to hear more at the trainings. We will update you and provide you with all information that is pertinent to you in a timely manner.

Have a great day and you will be hearing from us soon.


Shenique Starkes
Human Resources Specialist II
Albany, GA

THANK YOU! It is has been about an hour since you finished your presentation. ………………… emailed me that you are one of the best speakers she has ever heard (I agreed). And now ………………… is ready to implement as they were just lukewarm before. I’m sure there will be more accolades to share…Thank you!

Shelley Davis
Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce

Hello Mr. Wade,

Thanks for sending the Drug Free Workforce DVD! We want to make sure our employees know the importance of being drug free in the workforce.

The agency would like to have a DVD available to all of our sites. Please send 25 copies of your DVD to help us with this effort.


Jenyatta Moore
Personnel Specialist
Southwest Georgia Community Action Council
Hi Chuck,

Hope everything is going well for you this summer. I have been promoting the drug free workplace program with our customers that are not yet participating. Last week I talked to Staci to get some help for a customer with over 900 employees and growing. Staci was able to help me confirm they already have the testing requirements in place, so I gave them assistance with the training requirements and certification process. The customer was very happy and I want you to know that Staci’s very timely assistance was critical in the moment.

Would you please send me more of the materials that you sent me a few months ago including:
Training Disks
Window Stickers
Regular Stickers

Thank You,

Jim Hanna
Regional Director, Risk Control
J. Smith Lanier & Co.
Hi Chuck,

Thanks so much for your presentation last night. Jenny was right; I did learn quite a few things. The drug epidemic is definitely out of control and I believe, we as employers, can make a huge impact. Our company has been a Drug Free Workplace for a number of years and I was highly encouraging my fellow SHRM members to become one as well.

I would love to have a copy of the supervisor’s training CD.

Thanks again,

Cherry Carr
Director of Human Resources
Secure Health
Karen and Angie:

Thank you so very much for conducting the Drug free Workplace Training this morning. Your information and presentation was certainly beneficial in updating many of us on the alarming new concerns in the Work place.

I will certainly reach out to you in a few weeks for information on other training modules you may be available to present to our staff Departments.

Once again thank you and Angie for your time and efforts in this valuable training effort for Habersham County.

Lynn Merritt, MBA
Director of Human Resources
Office of County Commissioners
To Whom It May Concern,

Dennis Taylor and Co. would like to thank Karen Tinker for the outstanding training class she conducted for our company. The class was informative and direct. Karen is an effective and engaging training.

We are looking forward to our new D.O.T. training class.


Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor and Co. Inc
Hi Staci,

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Here's a beautiful bouquet of flowers for you for always being so nice!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Miriam Williams
Director of Human Resources
Interim Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc.
Thank you Chuck,

I am so grateful for all of the help that you have given me with this project. You have made it simple and have been so responsive. I truly appreciate your effort and dedication. There should be more people like you.

Thank you again and have a great day,

Marni Aleshire
Encore Industries
Cambridge, OH
Dear Karen,

Thank you for coming to Columbus to present at the 4th annual Drugs Don't Work Symposium. Your presentation really helped to clarify a lot of the questions our members have about being a drug-free workplace. You are such a valuable resource and I appreciate all your help and support.

Thank you,

Tabetha Getz
Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Dear Karen:

On behalf of the Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Inc. Board of Directors and the membership body, this is to express our thanks for your presentation during the GUCA 2013 Industry Awareness Seminars on Thursday, October 24, 2013, at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your presentation Drug Testing Procedures and Reporting for Motor Carrier Compliance was very informative and the materials will prove to be invaluable.

Your expertise and support is much appreciated. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you in the future.


Vikki McReynolds
Executive Director
Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Inc.


Thank you so much for getting back to me right away; I am impressed. I am going to look up the medical marijuana law in IL and if I have any questions, I will get back to you.

Thanks again,

Risk Manager
City of Rock Island
Rock Island, IL 61201
Mr. Wade,

I believe you were in Metter last year at Metter Bank for a breakfast/seminar. I found your presentation very interesting and would like to receive a DVD and/or poster for drug free workplace training if possible. We are already a participant of this program, but would like to modernize our program. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and have a great day.

Denise E. Lee
HR Coordinator
Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Evening Chuck,

Just completed viewing the training DVD. One word, AWESOME!!

You captured the stats very well; you kept the compassion from beginning to end wonderfully, most DVD’s get slow or boring by the end of the session but not this one. We already are certified as a ‘DFW’ and will be recertifying in August, the DVD was very helpful. There are questions I have but I will go on the website for those answers as I know you are a very busy man. This will be my first year with the company for recertification and I want to make sure I’ve done my part to remain in compliance as a DFW company. Again thank you so much!!

Linda Nesbitt
Havells, USA
Good Morning,

My company is a participant in your Drug Free Workplace program, and I have been lucky enough to come listen to one of your talks which I thought was simply awesome. We distribute the monthly newsletters, but I would really like it if I could have our employees watch your presentation as well. I would like to request your DVD in order that my employees can watch it. Please let me know what I need to do to make this happen.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Eli Murrell
Maxxis International - USA
Hi Chuck,

Good morning I hope you are doing well. Karen is very awesome, I think she got a lot of the folks attention. Thank you very much for all you do for us! Have a blessed day.

Murray County Chamber of Commerce
Hello Everyone………

Keep up the good work

Vicky Miller
Victoria T. Miller, CWCP
Pickens County Chamber of Commerce
Drug Free Workplace Coordinator
Hi Chuck,

We just did our 1 and 2 hour annual training today using your video-great tool-thank you! Thanks much for all you do.
Best regards,

Jay Kelly, HR
Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network
Hi Chuck,

I hope that you are doing well. The Gordon County Chamber of Commerce and Drugs Don’t Work Committee is planning our fall Lunch & Learn. We are in the process of arranging this event at our new Calhoun High School. Your name came up in the planning of this event and of course we all agreed that we would love for you to come. When you came and spoke at the parent event last year for Calhoun Schools there was great feedback. Would you check your calendar and see if you are available to speak on Thursday, October 10. The event will begin at 12 noon and end at 2 p.m. We are still pulling details together so if you are able to come I can fill you in on the details.

Thank you for all you and your organization do to help our communities. The more I learn the deeper my appreciation is for you and your team and your hard work. Have a great day.

Kim Gallman
Gordon County Chamber of Commerce
Thanks Chuck

And this is a compliment. You are, without a doubt, the most prompt person in returning emails that I have ever worked with.

RBW Logistics Corporation
Hi Steve!

On behalf of the Macon Water Authority I would like to thank you for providing our organization with the mandatory training on Substance Abuse last week. You did a phenomenal job with providing vital information, answering questions, and keeping our employees alert.


Octavia Latimore
Training Officer
Macon Water Authority

Thank you so much, you've been a big help! I hope the rest of your week goes well. Thank you,

Trisha DeChenne
Rackleff Enterprises, LLC
Thank you so much. You don’t know how much your quick response means to me!

Tamala Fortson
Director of Operations & Administration
Chuck you are wonderful! Excellent Customer Service!

Janice Reilly, PHR
Human Resources Generalist/Office Administration
Thank you Donna.

The counsel has been a great asset to our company, and I look forward to continuing to work with you

Randy Boyd
Human Resources Coordinator
Omnisource Intergrated Supply, LLC
Hi Chuck,

Your help was invaluable – we even mention you in our upcoming presentation and quoted you a number of times in our report. I will go online tonight and make a donation and I will email this to the others that worked on the project in case they want to participate as well. It was a delight to work with you and I am so pleased to have someone as passionate as you working to make things better for both kids and adults by promoting a drug-free lifestyle.

Thanks again, and hopefully I will get a chance to work with you some day in the future. Merry Christmas,

Patricia J. Clemens, RN | MFRE
Bureau of Workers' Compensation | Fee Review Section
PA Department of Labor & Industry
Chuck, we received the DVD’s. Much thanks. I watched one this PM, and I just wanted to tell you what a great educator you are. My ex-husband was an alcoholic, and it was due to a drug awareness presentation at his workplace that he was finally motivated to seek help. It has been a lifelong struggle for him, and he did finally lose his job, but he has been sober for 3 years now and is extremely active in AA. Before I moved to Atlanta in 2001 from Columbus, GA, for 11 years I was an office manager for a psychiatric practice with 2 physicians who were both Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine. One physician was the Medical Director for The Bradley Center, a local treatment center there, so I have some experience with this problem, and I commend you for the work you are doing. It is so important.

Chuck, I am helping a client implement a formal drug free workplace program, my question is: Where do we get a list of Drug Rehab facilities that are certified and meet the Georgia Drug Free Workplace requirements? This client is in Waycross, GA. Thank you, my other clients have said that your training DVD is the best they have used.

Roy Langston
Risk Control Consultant
Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.
Thanks again Steve for making the trip yesterday! We have already had lots of great feedback. Hopefully we will be sending some new memberships your way soon!

Whitney Herndon
Steve, it was such a pleasure to meet you today! I really enjoyed your presentation. I have several groups that I am part of that I feel would benefit from hearing your presentation.

Debbie U
North Georgia Staffing
Good Morning Steve,

I just wanted to say thanks again for coming down Friday and speaking to my group. I have had several emails and phone calls since then saying how much they enjoyed hearing you speak and if you were available to do that again! You are in high demand in Statesboro and Savannah now! I have held many roundtables and I have to agree that was the most interesting one thanks to you and your mullet pictures, hahahaha! Sorry couldn’t resist! Hope you enjoyed Statesboro and we hope to see you again soon.

Jennifer Cornwell
Director of Chamber Programs and Membership
Statesboro Bulloch Chamber of Commerce
Dear Chuck,

Our coalition wants to thank you profusely for the time, effort and expertise you gave us a few weeks ago as the main speaker for our annual dinner! People are still talking about it & wanting your contact information! If you ever need a recommendation, which I doubt you do, do let us know. We hope this tiny token of appreciation for your out of the box and above and beyond interest and labor just helps you know how much we do appreciate it.

Ken Wilson Chairman,
Augusta Coalition for Addiction Recovery and Awareness
Hi Chuck,

I ordered and received your drug free work place DVD a couple of months ago and we used it at our facility in September to do our drug free training. I thought it was an excellent training DVD and suggested my 2 sister homes also use it. At one of the other homes, the DVD got cracked and will no longer play. I am requesting the DVD for each of our homes who do not have one including myself. We will be glad to pay for the DVD’s or make a donation because we have had someone from ………………… come every year and speak to us but we all learned more from your DVD and found it to be much more interesting. Could I get you to send a DVD to each of the parties listed below and send me another since mine was cracked.

Thank you so much!

Shirley Williams, Adm.
Humboldt Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
I'm sorry to hear Leanne is gone, I didn't know. I hope the reason is not that she got burned out.....y'all are in a tough job. I wish her a lot of luck with her new work, and I wish y'all a lot of luck in your fight against drug use. We very much appreciate your work.

Betty Bartos
Bartos Building
Ms. Rogers,

we would be interested in getting a small package of the letters explaining all policies. The Sample safe driver policy, Acknowledgement form, violence prevention policy and procedures manual, return to work policy after a confirmed drug test, return to work agreement and a sample termination letter based on a confirmed positive drug test. If there is anything further I need to do please just let me know. REQUESTED MATERIALS SENT IMMEDIATELY. REPLY: Thank you for such a quick reply. I greatly appreciate it!

Brandy Anthony
Customer Sales Rep
Dorsey’s Services, Inc.
Good Morning Mr. Wade,

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you. I have spoken to the Greene County chamber, and would love the opportunity to have you speak at our business for the drug free workplace program. We are more than willing to open our doors to any other business that would like to participate. There is an urgency in getting this first session complete as we would really like to turn in our application, to get the savings on our insurance policies. Please let me know if there is any way that we can work together to put this event on the calendar. If not that is OK as well. In that case can you please point me in the right direction to get the required hours necessary to turn in the application. I do hope that we are able to hear you speak and continue to build a working relationship with one another.

With best regards,

Katherine Meyer
a2b Fulfillment, Inc.
Dear Mr. Wade,

How refreshing to get great results on the first try! How I wish the whole world operated as smoothly as you. Your work is much appreciated!

All the Best,

Molly Malone
Mr. Chuck Wade,

I would appreciate you sending me 4 copies of your training DVD if possible. I signed our Company up with The Council on Alcohol and Drugs yesterday for 2 years plus the employee and supervisor training.

I want you to know I greatly enjoyed you’re presentation at HB Training, and will recommend it to everyone I talk with.

Thank You, and Best Regards,

Bruce Lee Ummel
V.P. Equipment/Fleet
Blount Construction Company

We attended your training seminar yesterday in Lawrenceville and I must say it was one of the best presentations I have been to in the last 38 years. Very well presented and a lot of useful information. The best part was that you included Jesus in your message. Wow, when have I ever heard his name used in a business training seminar? Keep up the good work and let’s get the drug / crime problem in America under control.

Please forward the DVD’s for supervisor and employee training and the training manual to us. We will most likely order the news letter from you in the near future.

Thanks again for a great seminar.

Yours Truly,

Mike Gentle
V. P. Operations
MM Systems Corporation

first of all I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation held at HB Training yesterday. I traveled 2 1/2 hours to attend this class and it was very much worth it…

I work as a safety instructor for Oconee Fall Line Technical College in Sandersville, Ga. We have 3 MSHA instructors that train about 6,000 miners a year. I would love to share this information with some off the companies we train and maybe help you guys out. Please send me the free DVD you mentioned. Thank you so much and I hope this will continue to be a success!

Denise Parker
Oconee Fall Line Technical College
Hi, Chuck and thank you so much for the $10,000 grant. This is truly an honor to receive. My executive board and I are working on a plan as to how to continue to promote the Drugs Don't Work Program with the additional funds. I look forward to having you come in the near future for an educational session with our members and as a matter of fact, I just had a member to join due to the program. Thanks again and have a blessed evening.


Becky Cronic
Greene County Chamber of Commerce
Thanks Chuck. I am staying in the area and will be working with a large medical device manufacturer. Over the course of my many years in business, I have had an opportunity to hear many speakers. Your knowledge of the subject matter, the passion in your voice throughout the entire presentation, and your sincerity make you one of the most dynamic I have had the pleasure of listening to and working with. I wish you much success in your continued efforts to educate all with such an important message. Please convey my sincere thanks to Staci as well. Have a Great Day,

Administrative Assistant
I would like to request the free training DVD for our Company. Thank you for your work to help each of our companies as well as our entire state to make progress toward being free from the terrible consequences of drug abuse.

Phil Friesen
Human Resources
Superior Plumbing Service, Inc.
Chuck: Just confirming you as our guest speaker for our annual “Drugs Don’t Work” in-service on April 2, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. We expect around 50 employees to attend. Our address is noted below. Please feel free to contact me with questions, etc. Thanks for helping us out.

Debra Sherrer,
Oconee Area Home Care Services & Whispering Pines Assisted Living
Hi Chuck,

I have heard you speak several times and am always mesmerized by your stories. I am a member of the Steering Committee of Cobb Executive Women and would like to invite you to speak at our November meeting. I know that’s a ways out, but we try to plan our programs for the entire year. The meeting is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Friday, November 9 at the Georgian Club, and we will treat you to a great lunch! You would have the opportunity to speak for about 20 minutes to 35-40 of Cobb County’s top executive women from organizations like Southern Tech, Gas South, YWCA, etc. When I mentioned this at our planning meeting, several of them were unaware of your program but were very interested in learning about it. I know 20 minutes is not enough time to fully explain your program but hopefully you have a scaled down version of your talk.

Shirley Dozier
Director of Finance & Administration
Cobb Travel & Tourism
Good Morning Chuck. Wanted to let you know that we received the packet today! Thank You so much for your help! Have a Wonderful Day!

Monique Johns
Gordon Custom Cabinetry
Chuck, thanks so much for your fast reply. I hate to be a nuisance, but do you have a template and/or outline for doing the Employee Education presentation for novices like myself. It would certainly help. Look forward to your reply.

Thanks again,

Ron Totten
The Siwel Group
Hi Mr. Wade,

Just wanted to let you know Bobby really enjoyed the seminar this morning. He was really excited. Wish I could have been there but I live in South Carolina, kind of difficult to drive for a couple of hours. Anyway, I know you sent me the form to sign up for your workbook or releases at one time, but could you send it to me again so I can pay the fee and get us started in the right direction on this. Do you accept American Express as payment or do we need to send you a check? Thanks again for all your help.

Donna O'Connell
United Staffing Service, Inc.
Hi Chuck.

We attended your seminar at HB Training on a Drug Free Work Place. After listening to your presentation (that I was very impressed with) and then returning to the office, I was telling my Dad about it and I would recommend you to anybody wanting a presentation on Drugs Don't Work. After our discussion my Dad was talking to somebody at our church (Smyrna1st UMC) who is in charge of a new program dealing with Drugs & Alcohol and he was very interested in getting in touch with you about doing a presentation. So what I guess I'm asking is my Dad would like to call you and see how to set this up.


Mike Davis
K.M. Davis Contracting Co., Inc.
I just left the luncheon that was held at Spaulding Regional Women’s center. You are a wonderful speaker. I would like to ask you for the free information that you mentioned. We are located in Butts County, is that where I need to get a list of counselors? We are a trucking company and have employees from Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Would I need to get a counselor for the specific region? Your DVD’s went fast so if I could get one each on Supervisor Training and Employee Training that would be great.

Thanks again.

Pam Knight
Trucks, Inc.
Hi Chuck,

I hope you are doing well. You may recall doing a presentation for the American Society of Safety Engineers Conference in Atlanta, GA a couple of years ago. Question: Would you be interested in doing one in Jacksonville, FL next March? We would really like to have you there, because I think your presentation is one that everyone can relate to. If you can’t do it because it is out of state, perhaps you have a counterpart down there?

Thanks for your consideration.

Mike Belcher

Great hearing from you and I do share the information I receive from your newsletters. I see no problem with helping out the Council considering how nice you have been to the community in Rome. Hope your family is happy and healthy this season.

Denise Ferguson
Watters & Associates Landscape


Subject: RE: 16 Steps to Keep Kids Drug-Free

Great information for me to distribute to our employees; thanks again.

Peggy Hendrix
Hi Chuck,

My name is Jennifer Evans and I am the HR manager at Dot Foods in Vidalia, GA. I was very impressed with the Drugs Don't Work seminar that you did for the Chamber last week and would like to see if it would be possible for you to present the information to our employees in Jan. If so, please let me know the cost and dates available. (Tues or Wed afternoon around 5 PM work the best).


Jennifer U. Evans
HR Manager
Dot Foods, Inc.
Chuck - Once again, we'd like to express our appreciation for your time and the excellent presentation you made today. We heard many agents state that "this was the best class yet"! If possible, we might want to ask you again to participate, if you are willing. Next time, however, we would like to take you to lunch! If you will, please give me your mailing address - some agents said they needed to send you their Registration Form. Thanks, Chuck, and we hope to work with you again!

Sam Pritchard
Southern Insurance Underwriters
Hey Chuck, before another day goes by, I wanted to thank you for one of the best coordinators’ meetings we have had! It was most informative and a great learning day. It was fun to see downtown Atlanta after so many years. Thank you for all you, Leann and Simone do. Ron is presently on vacation, but we briefly discussed how can we not only can be of better assistance to our Chamber DDW members, but how can we work closer with the Council? How do the other Chambers work with you? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We didn’t have time to visit this time, but I did catch about your father. Hope all is well with him and you. Take care and keep up the good work! I’m personally still very interested in the Alabama idea as well.

Marie Cordero
Vice President
Small & Minority Business Development,
Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Dear April and Gregg,

I wanted to send a thank you for the wonderful job you did on organizing the media literacy training. All those who I spoke to during and after the training had positive comments about the training. As always it is a pleasure to work with you. Again, thank you and congratulations on a great job and a terrific training.

Christopher Wood, CPIII
State Prevention Specialist
Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Public Health/Office of Prevention Services and Programs
Chuck, thanks so much for speaking at Redmond's Employer Regulatory seminar today on the GA Drug Free Workplace. I do believe your presentation today was the best of the three that I have heard. You were such a pleasure to work with before and during the seminar. I have attached a few live photos from the conference. Thanks once again!

Kay Dixon, RN, BS, CWCP
Redmond Occupational Health
Thank you Chuck! For a very informative and well-presented program. You are doing great things... Never lose your passion. We appreciate the long trip to Sandersville. Happy Thanksgiving

Wendy Bibb, CEcD
Senior Regional Project Manager
Georgia Department of Economic Development

I wanted to take a moment to let you know we used your DVD to facilitate our drug free training for our work place this year. Most of my employees asked if they could get a copy of the DVD (for all employees) so they could share it with children and grand-children. Would it be possible to order that many copies from you? It made a big impression on them. The DVD is much appreciated as is your commitment to helping us keep all of our employees and their families drug free.


Teresa Dow
Director, Human Resources
Chuck, thank you so much! You would certainly be very proud of the response we have received from the training this year. We have employees in 3 locations, Macon, GA, Montgomery, AL and the corporate office is in Columbus, GA. The training has really had a very positive impact on our employees and their families. Kudos to you and your staff.

Teresa Dow
Good morning! As we've discussed, the response from the seminar was very positive. THANK YOU!!! Our principal has mentioned that she'd like to take the presentations before the student body in an assembly. Details have not been determined. We are in the initial thought/planning stages and wanted to know if you would be available to us again?

Linda Cooper,
PTA President
Dunwoody High School
Thank you to the Johns Creek Chamber for organizing the Drugs Don’t Work Workshop. This workshop couldn’t have come at a better time for me and my business because I have been researching the benefits of drug testing employees for some time now. Chuck Wade, President & CEO of the Drugs Don’t Work Organization was quite an engaging speaker not only did he answer our many questions, but he provided all the information needed to get certified by the state in 6 simple steps. Chuck also promises to hold your attention throughout the entire process. His personal work experience as an ex-narcotics agent was so interesting, and the facts that he brought to the table were absolutely unbelievable. I believe this workshop will not only save my company money on our Workmen’s Compensation Insurance but it will also save time & money in the hiring process by providing AtHomeNet with employees who will come to work and be productive because they don’t have drug issues. I feel every employer should take the time to attend the Drugs Don’t Work Workshop, the benefits will pay you back ten-fold. Because I was so impressed with Chuck and his program(s) I am going to work with the chamber to bring parents of teens together to attend a 16 Step Education Program to keep our kids off drugs.


Kathy Driscoll
AtHomeNet, Inc.
Mr. Wade

I really enjoyed your presentation this morning. Please send me the links to recertify our company in the Drugs Don't Work Program.


Mary Perry
Human Resources Representative
Hello, Chuck,

I attended your presentation this morning to the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, and was very interested in all you had to say. Thank you for being so passionate about this problem. Our company already implements the 5 steps for certification, but only need to be officially certified as doing so. You mentioned this morning that there is a website which allows for certification online. Would you mind sending me that address? Thanks so much! Jessica Bolyard Ashmore Concrete Contractors
Chuck, thanks for the very powerful presentation this morning. I have seldom if ever heard anything more convincing. As I asked this morning, how can we help you here? You can look on our website (www.carterelectriccompany.com > About Us > Our Newsletter (click the link in the box on the upper right) and you will see that we belong to the program, we distribute the Newsletters, and stress that our employees read the letters. Tell me how we can put your link on our website (and send me a .jpg of your logo) so we can help you spread the word. What should we say (a sentence or two will be fine) alongside the logo to emphasize your support of us and ours of your organization? God Bless you for your efforts.

Norman Taylor
Business Manager
Carter Electric

I really enjoyed your presentation today, it was very eye opening. I'm glad God is working through you to educate as many as possible about the dangers of drug use. I would like for you to speak in Barnesville in the near future either at our church, school, or through the chamber. I'll arrange the details and get back with you. The following is more proof that the United States is becoming more like Rome.


Chuck Bankston,
Bankston Lumber Company

I just wanted to personally thank you for coming to speak to our Managers on Friday, February 22nd. You were simply awesome and eye-opening. I know that the group benefited enormously from the information you presented and they definitely look forward to hearing you speak, again. Bill will be in touch with you about additional presentations to our employees. Thanks, again.

Stacy M. Blackman, Esq.
General Counsel
CorrectHealth Companies


Hart Telephone Company
Oh, thank you so much for accepting! I watched the links and I am so impressed---everyone will be delighted to hear you speak! I will let our committee know you have accepted and I will let you know the agenda as soon as it is completed. Thank you for marking us on your calendar for Oct. 16th. I’ll be in touch with details. Thank you again---I am so excited!

Amy Chambers
Forestar Real Estate Group
Great job and I really appreciate your willingness to help us out! I believe everyone came away fired up to get started on the Drug Free Workplace Program. Sorry we had to cut the talk a little short, but the room rental was up at 1 o’clock. I for one appreciate your witness in the presentation and like you, don’t have a problem with it. Thanks for sharing!

Larry Marler
Construction Suppliers Association

Good afternoon and thank you for agreeing to speak to our Chamber's Existing Industries Council on March 19th. While the Existing Industries Council is not a large group, it's members are our county's largest employers. Some of its members include management level employees of Toppan InterAmerica, Inc., Briggs & Stratton (Snapper), Southern States Inc., Sports Authority (logistics), Ken's Foods (logistics), Goodyear, GA Power Service Center, etc. We anticipate 15 to 20 representatives from companies of this type to attend the meeting.

Kevin Smith
Toppan Interamerica, Inc.
Re: August 2011 Employee Education Newsletter: Very good. We got it, thanks. And as always, very interesting and relevant information.

Betty Bartos
Bartos Building
Mr. Wade,

I want to thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge of drugs in the workplace. I’ve received numerous calls from employees stating that your training was very informative and interesting. The Macon Water Authority thanks you for your continued efforts in educating the workforce on being drug free. Keep up the good work!

Kellie C. Giles
Human Resources Director
Macon Water Authority
Chuck / Leanne:

On behalf of HB Training & Consulting, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your participation in yesterday’s Educational Series. As always, the turnout for your session was outstanding and we are proud to partner with you in spreading this important message. We look forward to working with you again in December.

Lesa Seiscio
Administrative Assistant
This workshop was fantastic. I got more out of this workshop than any I have ever attended. Kudos to Chuck Wade! I learned that I have not been getting the Supervisor's Newsletter nor all of the employee newsletters. I was wondering if you could possibly send me 2011 supervisors and employee newsletters via email? Also, quick question- how can I find out my status (0 tolerance? etc.) and how many years have we been certified. I am new to my position and cannot locate that info. Thanks for your help.

Lisa McConnell
Humane Society's Mountain Shelter
Staci, the drug kits are very user friendly. We did random drug testing on March 23, and the test kits performed well. Our cost for testing 10 employees was $140.00 compared to $350.00 if we had used an outside agency to do the test. That alone is a $210.00 savings for the city. In these days of cost cuts, hiring freezes, and fuel prices any amount saved adds up. Thanks again for all your help and support.

Sgt. Doug Howell
City of Fort Oglethorpe

Thanks so much for what you do. Often people tend to forget when jobs are done well.

Jacque Wilbanks/Office Manager
S&W Excavating and Grading Inc.
Thanks for all your help with our drug free workplace program Staci, you are awesome!

Mike Long
Read Window – Tennessee Division
Staci, your organization is exceptionally helpful and I appreciate your resources and prompt response to any needs.

Caleb Dulaney
Anniston EMS
Anniston, AL
Hi, Chuck.

You did a great job at our GHA WC Fund educational programs in October. Even though I'd heard your presentation several times, I become aware of more facts each time I hear you. At that time, you mentioned you could send some new training CD's. If so, may I have a few, please? Thanks again for all your help.

Carl W. Malmberg
McNeary Insurance
Charlotte, NC 28211
Thank you very much Mr. Wade. I'm interested in obtaining the free drug free workplace poster and possibly a free employee and supervisor training DVD as some additional resources to share with our sub-recipients, would it be possible for you to send them to me? We are the DOT in South Dakota, and manage the Section 5309, 5310, 5311, 5316 and 5317 programs from the FTA. Thanks for your consideration.

Melissa Hull
South Dakota Department of Transportation _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ International Requests for DFW Assistance

My Name is George, from Kenya. I am a recovering alcoholic, and i go round giving talks about the effects of drugs and alcohol to schools, churches, offices. I would request for some DVDs, materials you might have.I would really appreciate GEORGE MUCHOKI
CODE 00100
Hello Chuck I run programs from a residential facility and was looking for any 10-30 min dvds you have for learning aids for our clients. As a non-funded place I am looking for anything to hit the free list if possible. If you have anything to send me my address is at the bottom of the page thank you.


Colin Axford
Residential Youth Worker
Mission Australia Hindmarsh Branch
Please send me your promotional materials. I work teacher in school.

sincerelly =Alina=

Alina Cybar
Lutivka, Reshetyliv rn,
Poltava obl.
38415 Ukraine
Dear Sir/Madam,

I request you to send me the free DVD and Posters/Stickers for creating an Alcohol & Drug Free Environment among the youth in the University. The mailing address is mentioned below.

Thanking you,


Dr. Ashwani Kumar
       B.Sc., M.B.B.S, DFM(RCGP,U.K)
59/50-A, Gupta Niwas,
Birhana Road, Kanpur – 208001.
Uttar Pradesh.
Hi there,

We are currently looking at running information sessions at lunch time for employees and supervisors on the subject Drugs and alcohol in the workplace. It would be appreciated if we could obtain a copy of the DVD or a Link of the DVD to watch please.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Mike Marshall
Health, Safety & Environment Manager
Western Australia and Central

Dear Mr. Wade,

Please send me a copy of a poster and a dvd on drug abuse for educational purposes. Thank you and best regards.

Raphael Okon
P O BOX 60
I am requesting the drug free workplace posters and DVDs. Please send to:

Kharis Fahmi Azhar, Chairman PII Badung-Bali
Jl. Nuansa Utama Timur 1/3
Jimbaran-Bali 80361
Please send me the drug free workplace poster, window stickers and door stickers, and employee and supervisor training DVD. Address - ukwatta liyanage nuwan tharanga,'wijaya niwasa', aluthwatta,

deegoda, ukwatta, gintota, galle, sri lanka
Hi - Please could I request your drug free workplace DVD, poster and literature. Please send to the following address:

Community Drug & Alcohol Service
Queensway House
The Taylor Centre
Essex Street
Southend-on-Sea, Essex

My name is Lasitha Rathuwithana. I am a senior member of Ananda College Drug Prevention Society in Sri Lanka. I would like to have some of the drug free DVD's to show to our school children to know about the facts in Drugs. And I would like to have some posters and stickers to paste in our society's notice board. Hope your org will help our school. Please send those to this address if you can.

Lasitha Chanuka Rathuwithana,
138 Kattuwa
Negombo, Sri lanka.


P. O. BOX 1886
Hi Chuck,

I'm Rogene T. Palacios, Human Resource Employee Relations Coordinator of PanAsiatic Call Centers, Inc. located at East Block, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. I’ve read in the internet that you provide drug free workplace poster, window stickers and door stickers, and an employee and supervisor training DVD. This is the thrust of our company to have drug-free workplace. I hope that you will consider my request. Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards

Employee Relations Coordinator
Panasiatic Call Center, Inc.
East Block, Circumferential Road
Bacolod City, Phillipines
Hi Chuck Wade,

Thanks for the free poster / free DVD on Alcohol and Drugs offer. I would like to promote your mission by displaying them. Please send them to my address below:

David Palle,
#194, Hi-Rise Avenue, Bachupally,
Near Coca Cola Square,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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