Agency Background and History

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs has a long history of collaboration, consensus building and utilization of volunteers. The Council was formed in 1969 as a 501(c)3 charitable organization under the name Metropolitan Atlanta Council on Alcohol and Drugs (MACAD).  The organization was created to serve as a central agency for the purpose of bringing together fragmented efforts into a comprehensive approach to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse.

During the 1970s, The Council evolved into a traditional alcohol and other drug agency, providing services in the areas of prevention education, information dissemination, advocacy and referrals for alcohol and other drug treatment.  The Council established a presence during each General Assembly convocation with recommendations and technical assistance in the area of alcohol and other drug issues.

During the 1980s The Council developed nationally-recognized alcohol and other drug early-intervention curricula, the school-based middle and high school program, Substance Use Prevention and Education Resource (SUPER I) and the community-based SUPER II program for youth 12 to 17, and their parents, as well as continuing the services listed above.

The early 1990s saw the development of the innovative elementary level program SUPER STARS (Self Esteem Through Arts and Recreation Sessions), as well as the establishment of the Atlanta Prevention Connection, a community alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention coalition.  Since the 1990s, The Council has been providing information and training to businesses in order to assist them in qualifying for certification as drug free workplaces.  Certified drug free workplaces receive discounts on workers' compensation insurance premiums.  During this same time period, The Georgia Alcohol Policy Partnership (GAPP) coalition was formed.  This coalition has been instrumental in educating the public and legislators alike about the effects of underage drinking in Georgia and has helped make significant progress in the effort to reduce underage drinking.  The Council maintains and provides innovative and essential alcohol, tobacco and other drug services, such as a drug and alcohol prevention course for educators and addiction counselors and an information and referral line for treatment and prevention information.

The Council has successfully provided alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services since its founding, and the agency has not lost sight of its original goal of bringing together all aspects of communities to prevent substance abuse.

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