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Dear Corporate Sponsor,

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization since 1969, is offering your company the opportunity to have a major impact on a serious problem in Georgia. Substance abuse issues affect employees, parents, teens and adolescents, educators, health professionals and entire communities. Drug and alcohol abuse devastates the brightest hopes. From individual lives destroyed to families and communities torn apart, no other social evil wreaks so much havoc. Children are five times more likely to endure physical abuse, and ten times more likely to be emotionally neglected, if alcohol is abused in the home. Substance abuse is a factor in more than 80% of violent crime. The economic cost of drug and alcohol abuse in America is more than $160 billion per year. The tragic effects of drug and alcohol abuse touch every economic and demographic sector.

Governor Perdue signs Proclamation celebrating The Council's 35th year of serving Georgia citizens.

Council Executive Director Chuck Wade (left) presents Middle Georgia EMC General Manager Hugh Richardson with plaque of appreciation for corporate sponsorship.

Council Executive Director Chuck Wade (right) congratulates Drugs Don't Work Coordinator Ruby Crump for nine years of service as the DDW coordinator for Gordon County.

Sherwood Clinical’s Director of Human Resources, Christine Howard (right), arranged the visit with Chuck Wade and organized other activities in observance of Drug Free Work Week.

Sherwood Clinical in Demorest joined thousands of businesses nationwide in observing the first annual Drug Free Work Week October 16-22, 2006. Chuck Wade, Executive Director of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs and State Director of Drugs Don’t Work in Georgia, was Sherwood’s guest speaker. Wade, a retired undercover DEA agent, cited statistics showing that over 77% of all illicit drug users are employed. He stressed that, with so many substance abusers in the workforce, businesses need to enforce strong drug free policies to keep all employees safe.

Strong drug free policies can also save your business money.

The Drugs Don’t Work program provides a 7.5% discount on Worker’s Comp premiums for businesses that enroll in the program. For more information call The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Inc., at (404) 223-2277.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs is fighting back on behalf of all Georgians. With our know-how and reputation as Georgia's leading public education organization on this issue, we can help your company achieve lifelong loyalty among target audiences through a high-profile contribution to reducing substance abuse. Please take a moment to visit the programs section of this site for a list of programs we are currently providing.

View the background and history of The Council, view our Corporate Sponsorship Philosophy, or to see a list of Sponsor Benefits and Sponsorship Tiers for the Corporate Sponsorship Agreement .

I sincerely hope that your company will be able to support a drug prevention agency that has been a meaningful part of Georgia for more than 35 years. If, for any reason, you choose not to be a sponsor, any contribution you can provide--either in cash, merchandise or services--is very much appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.


Chuck Wade
Executive Director
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Inc.
State Director

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